13 July 2011

What's in a day

I am always thinking about schedules or rather routines.  I have learned that having the perfect routine will not solve all of my problems, especially the problem of sticking with it, but I think a lot about it anyway.  Here is what I am currently aiming at for our mornings this summer:

  • I usually wake up around 5:30.  I go downstairs, put the kettle on, and settle down to begin my morning prayers.  When the kettle boils I pour my tea and then head out for my morning walk.  After my walk, I fix my tea and toast and sit down with my Bible and journal.  I am currently reading through and meditating on Psalm 119.  After this I tidy up around the house, think about supper, and then usually get on the computer.

  • Around 8:30 I take my 17yo daughter to work & grab anything we need from the grocery store.  I need to wake up the younger kids as we head out, so that when I get back we can: go to the pool (M,W,F) or have Morning Time (T,Th), followed by copywork and math, and then lunch & read alouds.

  • This brings us to about 1:00, when I want to have some quiet time before I have to leave for work at 1:45.

  • Except on Fridays, when I don't have to work.  I want to start doing some art activities on Friday afternoons, and maybe have a special treat also.
This is my ideal.  Of course, it gets off-track when I have to take my son to LEGO camp or my daughter to a babysitting job or something else unexpected comes up, but having it written out should help me.


Adrienne said...

Sounds very peaceful!

Our Little Corner said...

I like your quiet morning with tea and God.