08 July 2011

7 Quick Takes

  1. It is hot here in Central Texas! just. plain. HOT ~ Thank you, Lord, for air conditioning!
  2. My kitchen is clean! ~ This weekend I hope to clear out and organize at least a couple of the cupboards and drawers.
  3. I think I need some extended cocoon time.  My introverted self is flat out done in.  My husband mentioned wanting to visit a friend's church on Sunday, and I practically begged him to take the kids and go without me.
  4. I bought an iced tea maker with a half-off coupon at my local grocery store, and we are quite enjoying it.
  5. I haven't made much progress on my Just Do It list, but I have been slightly more productive overall this week.
  6. My morning prayers have suffered over the past month.  I have not missed them for the most part, but rather I feel like I have been missing from them, sort of going through the motions only.  I need to refocus; these morning quiet times are my spiritual life's blood.
  7. Blogging every day is hard!  My goal, though, is to build a habit, and as I blog regularly I hope that I will have more to say.


Adrienne said...

I agree...blogging (doesn't even have to be every day!) is hard. I learned so much about you from this post, and appreciate your honesty. I can relate to so much. I, too, need more solitude than I realized for much of my child raising years. And I don't hesitate any more to fit it in and/or ask for it! Kinda joins in with the prayer piece...for me any way. These things are at the core of self care...and I'm learning how vital that is! Thanks so much for this post ~ has got me thinking.

mamatigerj said...


Your comments are so encouraging to me; thank you!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It's a pleasure to "meet you" :) Have a wonderful weekend.